13 October 2022
Swissotel Sydney, Australia
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At a Glance

RESPOND – Adversity, Resilience and Opportunity

The national economy has been under incredible strain; businesses are dislocated, global supply chains are divided, consumers are isolated, and uncertainty is prevalent. An adaptive finance function empowers businesses to mobilise and stabilise, charting a course through an uncertain corporate landscape to protect and create value. This Session provides an honest, case-based exploration of the strategies CFOs have adopted to sustain through crisis; illuminating vital lessons learned, identifying persisting challenges, and forecasting valuable opportunities that lie ahead.


LEAD – Decisive Approaches in Dynamic Times

As strategies and systems evolve, so do the relationships built around them. With the insights and influence they wield, CFOs impart ongoing governance on a company’s culture, reputation, engagement and direction, and as such, have become crucial partners in the shared successes of internal and external stakeholders. This Session explores how CFOs can inspire and demonstrate leadership throughout the corporate hierarchy, with a keen focus on communication and connection to embed resilience throughout the business.


DISCOVER – Delivering and Leveraging Digital Drivers

A digital driven, interconnected world and the business transformations it promises is a call-to-arms for forward thinking CFOs. Analytics is a mindset, a top-down behaviour that must be embedded across the entire value chain to realise a confident digital future. This Session considers how CFOs can collaborate across the business in pursuit of an automated, innovation-led finance function, as well as exploring the opportunities heralded by shared services and A.I.


CREATE – Priming Business for Value Creation

Our understanding of value is evolving from a purist play for profit into a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of value creation. With a blue-print of an organisation at their disposal, CFOs are perfectly positioned to trigger this shift in perspective, creating change momentum behind a broader growth mindset. This Session considers how CFOs are both leveraging external opportunities and identifying, developing and creating new internal sources of lasting value across the entire enterprise.

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